Legal Services

Commercial Law

  • Contractual work including drafting contract proposals and terms and conditions of business, attendance at negotiations between parties about the content of a contract and alterations to contracts submitted by another contracting party so as to achieve a reasonable and safe compromise for both parties;
  • Dispute work with the primary aim of achieving an out-of-court settlement of disputes, as well as effective representation before courts and arbitrators;
  • Establishment, transformation and liquidation of companies, disposal of ownership interests, membership rights and shares, drafting of due diligence;
  • Provision of comprehensive services for company bodies;
  • Regular monitoring of legal regulations and training responsible employees and members of company bodies;
  • Drafting corporate compliance programmes and related training.

Civil Law

  • Drafting contract proposals, alterations to contracts submitted by another contracting party;
  • Representation of parties before courts and arbitrators;
  • Legal assistance for associations of unit owners.

Real Estate

  • Construction law—provision of legal advice to building control authorities, representation of parties in building proceedings;
  • Civil law—drafting of contracts the subject of which is obligations and real rights to property, relations between co-owners, work related to investments in property, disputes.


  • Representation of clients who are insolvency debtors or insolvency creditors, submission of applications, advice on clearance of debts, legal representation in all stages of insolvency proceedings.